Rice Dishes Offerred By Chennai Catering Service

Our catering service in Chennai serves rice. In Indian cuisine, rice is a must-have ingredient. Rice can also refer to steamed rice that has been steamed or boiled. The best and most ideal combination of major courses is rice. Lentils, dal, or a gravy-based dish are served with plain rice. Rice is an important part of Indian cuisine.

Best Rice Variety for Functions & Events in Chennai

Steamed Rice (Plain Rice)

Our catering service in Chennai serves steamed rice. Our caterer's rice can be paired with any sauce, dal, sabzi, or any curry. Rice is well-known for its high glucose content, which is essential for a powerful begin.

Ghee Rice

Ghee Rice is available from our Chennai catering service. Our talented chef adds rice, ghee, whole spices, onions, cashews, and raisins to create a classic and delectable dish. Ghee, a traditional Indian cooking fat with a nutty scent and wonderful flavour, is the star of this dish. Lentils, vegetable curries, and kurma are common accompaniments.

Hyderabad Veg Biryani

Our catering service in Chennai provides Hydrabad Veg Biriyani. Our professional chef prepares this Veg Biriyani, a traditional Indian vegetarian dish made with rice, veggies, and spices. This Biryani is flavorful, light, and spicy. Garam spice, caramelised onions, and yoghurt flavour permeate the vegetable chunks wonderfully. This is a well-balanced dish.

Malabar Biryani

Our catering service in Chennai offers Malabar Biriyani. An aromatic and herbaceous masala is layered with fluffy rice, crunchy fried onions (birista), almonds, dried fruits, and ghee to make the famous Malabar Biryani. After that, the biryani is wrapped and cooked slowly under steam, resulting in a meal that is incredibly aromatic and tasty.