Chennai Catering Service Variety Idli Dishes

Idli is a rice and urad batter cooked into a delicate, soft, and delectable dish. Idli is made using urad dal, a lentil (black gram). Idli is a typical breakfast in South India. Idli is a favourite breakfast item in India and around the world. Idly is one of the healthiest breakfast options when served with Sambar and Coconut Chutney. Our Chennai catering service features a variety of idly.

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Mini Idly

Mini idli sambar is the perfect snack dish. Mini idlis dipped in hot vegetarian sambar make a delicious breakfast combination. Because of their size and form, these small idlis are very appealing to children. With our Chennai catering services, mix and taste micro steamed idlis into a spice mixture for a delectable, delicious, and inventive mini masala idli fry dish

Sambar Idly

Idli sambar is India's best and most popular breakfast since it is both comforting and nutritious. Our cooks serve a savoury, spicy, and pleasantly sour sambar - a lentil and vegetable stew - with soft, fluffy idlis. Idli sambar is a soft idli drowning in hot steaming sambar with a heavy garnish of raw onions and coriander leaves served by Chennai catering services.

Tandoori Idly

Tandoori Idli is a delicious appetiser. Tandoori is a process of marinating meat in yoghurt and spices before cooking it in a tandoor oven. Our professional chef marinated the idly in curd and tandoori masala before pouring the sauce over the fried idly. After soaking in the gravy, the idly softens. The idly will be well soaked in gravy and have a fantastic flavour and texture. Tandoori Idly is available through our catering services in Chennai.

Fried Idly

Masala Idli Fry, or fried idli, is a gently spiced fried idli dish. Idlis are fried till crispy and then combined with curry leaves and other South Indian seasonings. Steaming retains the majority of the nutrients, making it one of the most nutritious and light dishes available. Fried idlis with Coconut Chutney, tomato ketchup, or even Sambar are available from our experienced chef. Fried Idly is provided through our catering services in Chennai.

Idly Vadakari

Vada Curry is a popular South Indian sauce or gravy that goes well as a side dish with idlis, dosas, and parotas. With a tomato and onion sauce base and deep-fried toppings, this is an interesting and savoury fusion curry recipe. This meal is extremely tasty due to the aroma of masala and the sharpness of our expert chef's vada. One of our Chennai catering services is Idly Vadakari.


Idly is provided by our catering service in Chennai. Idli is a traditional South Indian breakfast meal that is both nutritious and wholesome. Using a pulverised, fermented rice and lentil batter, our talented chef created a soft, light, fluffy steamed round dish. This is a healthy breakfast, served with Sambar and Coconut Chutney

Hearten Idly

Our catering service in Chennai serves hearty idly. Idli is a popular breakfast and dinner food in southern India, and it is a staple of the cuisine. This is not only delectable food, but it is also nutritious. For breakfast, this quick heart-shaped idli combines great with green chutney or coconut chutney.

Thattu Idly

Thattu Idly is available through our catering service in Chennai. In Karnataka, thattu idli is a common breakfast dish. Idly, Thattu is a very soft animal. It's a tad thicker and wider than our usual idly. Urad dal, Poha, and Sabudana are used in this dish by our caterer. With chutney or sambar, eat these steaming idlis.

Elaneer Idly

Elaneer Idly is offered from our Chennai catering service. Our talented chef uses coconut water in a traditional idli meal. The texture of this idly is light, airy, and spongy. The soft coconut lends this idly its distinct flavour. Enjoy these Elaneer idlis with chutney and sambar from our Chennai catering services

Pepper Idly

Pepper Idly is a dish served by our catering service in Chennai. Idlies are mixed with curry leaves, onion, black pepper, and sliced coriander leaves by our skilled chef. This is a delicious and healthful evening snack. These idli fry are brimming with flavour in every bite. Pepper idlis can also be offered as an appetiser or snack.

VegMix Idly

VegMix Idly is available from our Chennai catering service. Vegetable idli has the nutritional benefit of providing the goodness of fresh and tasty veggies. Mix Vegetable Idli is a delicious South Indian appetiser. It has a great veggie blend and is a little spicy. Our skilled chef utilises mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies during cooking. It will impart a wonderful aroma to our food. Serve with your favourite chutney or chilli sauce.

GheePodi Idly

Our catering service in Chennai provides GheePodi Idly. South Indian Podi Idli is a delicious dish. Freshly steamed idlies are tossed with a spicy concoction and served hot, topped with ghee. Podi idli is a delectable delicacy, and our skilled chef prepares GheePodi idlis with small or full-size idlis.