Welcome Drinks Provider in Chennai

Our Chennai catering services offer a wide range of juices, including all types and variations of milkshakes. We offer a delicious blend of fruits that is both fresh and delicious. We offer high-quality, 100-percent original products to satisfy the different needs of our customers.

Welcome Drinks for Corporate & Public Events in Chennai


Our catering service in Chennai provides hot tea. In India, tea is the most popular beverage, and everyone enjoys it. To make this flavour, our expert chef brews sugar, milk, and tea with sweet, spicy, hot, and aromatic spices. A cup of hot tea is a wonderful way to unwind and refresh your mind

Lemon Tea

Our catering service in Chennai has lemon tea available. Our experienced chef mixes lime juice to black or green tea to make a delectable lemon tea. It soothes inflammation in the throat, relieves coughing and congestion, and assists weight loss. It's a simple beverage that will refresh you as soon as you take a sip.

Masala Tea

Our Chennai catering service is well-known for its masala tea. A popular beverage in India is masala tea. Masala tea is made by steeping tea leaves with spices, sugar, and a splash of milk in hot water. In the base of all spicy masala chais prepared by our chefs, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger are commonly added.


Coffee is our specialty at our Chennai catering service. Whether taken straight up or combined with milk and sugar into a frothy combination, the rich aroma of the beans is a lovely way to begin the day. Served in a small steel bowl with a small steel glass by our expert chef.

Pista Milk

Our Chennai catering service specialises in Pista Milk. The pista milk dish created by our talented chef is flavoured with pistachio and cardamom powder and is delicious both hot and cold. Unsalted pistachios, sugar, and vanilla essence are used to make pistachio milk. Pista milk has a rich, creamy texture and a delicious flavour. This warming beverage is easy to make and perfect for parties.

Grape Juice

Our catering service in Chennai provides grape juice. Our grape juice formula was created with the intention of giving you a delicious and nutritious start to your day. Half a tablespoon of lemon juice is added to this dish by our skilled chef, which is a little secret. It not only helps to reduce the sweetness of the grapes, but it also gives the drink a vibrant flavour.

Lemon Juice

Our Chennai catering service offers lemon juice. A recipe for fresh lemon juice that is healthy, flavorful, and nutritious. In general, lemon has a sour flavour. The combination of sugar and lime, on the other hand, produces a nice flavour. Lemon juice, as provided by our talented chef, is a thirst-quenching summer drink. It's quick and easy to make, and it's the tastiest juice in the summer.

Orange Juice

Our catering service in Chennai includes orange juice. As a nutritive beverage, bright and sweet orange juice is delightful on its own. A glass of orange juice tastes great and is high in vitamins and minerals, all of which help to boost immunity naturally. This orange juice is healthful when consumed in moderation because it is undiluted, fresh, and produced without any additions by our expert chef.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is offered from our Chennai catering service. Our talented chef prepares fresh pineapple juice that is both pleasant and delectable. It's all-natural, with no added ingredients, and it's one-of-a-kind. This nutritionally pineapple juice is just a refreshing summertime drink. Pineapple juice provides a slew of health benefits. Potassium, manganese, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as fibre, are all abundant.

Nannari Sarbath

Our Chennai catering service provides Nannari Sarbath. We adore Nannari Sarbath, a refreshing drink, every summer. Nannari sarbath is a pleasant summer beverage created with nannari syrup, lemon juice, sabja/basil seeds, and water from our expert chef. Sarsaparilla/nannari roots are used to make this nannari syrup, which has a number of medicinal properties.


Our Chennai catering service offers panagam. Panakam is a traditional South Indian liquor made especially for Ram Navami. It's also made to be a refreshing drink to help you beat the heat this summer. Our talented chef makes panakam using lemon juice, jaggery, ginger powder, cardamom powder, and black pepper.