Best Non-Veg Dishes Catering Service in Chennai

Chicken, mutton, fish, crab, and quail are non-vegetarian dishes. Because this cuisine is high in protein and vitamin B, a non-vegetarian diet has many health benefits. Our muscles are strengthened and expand faster when we consume non-vegetarian meals. It also aids in the maintenance of bodily strength and haemoglobin levels. With our Chennai catering service, we can provide a variety of non-vegetarian dishes.

Best Caterer For Variety Non-Veg Foods in Chennai

Mutton liver fry

Mutton liver fry is a delicious non-vegetarian meal that is famous among mutton aficionados across India. This recipe works nicely as a starter or a side dish. Mutton liver is a nutrient-dense meat. Mutton liver, onions, and pepper are the essential components in this delicious liver fry recipe. Mutton liver is an excellent source of iron and other nutrients. Our Chennai catering services prepare the most scrumptious Mutton Liver Fry.

Mutton Masala

Mutton masala is a delicious North Indian goat meat dish made with a few simple but fragrant spices. Mutton Masala Curry is a delectable recipe for mutton masala curry. Mutton masala, the most well-known non-vegetarian curry, is a spicy dish made with mutton, coconut milk, spices, and ghee by our caterers. The best Mutton Masala is served by our Chennai catering services.

Mutton Fry

Mutton Fry is a pan-fried mutton recipe. It's quite tasty to eat tender goat flesh that's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This is a delectable meal that melts in your tongue. It's good as an appetiser or a side dish. This recipe can be cooked with either boneless or bone-in mutton. Our Chennai catering services provide the best Mutton Fry.

Mutton leg Gravy

Our expert chef's Mutton Leg Gravy is wonderfully healthy and delicious, and it pairs nicely with rice, appam, idli, and dosa. The mutton leg soup is good for the legs and bone strength of children. It gives you a great deal of energy and strength. Our catering services in Chennai provide the best Mutton Leg Gravy.

Mutton Brain Fry

This dish's delectable flavours, as well as the numerous health benefits supplied by a competent caterer, have made brain masala fry a popular dish. Mutton brain is a great source of protein because it is high in calcium and low in fat. It has a particular flavour that is enhanced by the addition of spices and curd. Our catering services in Chennai provide the best Mutton Brain Fry.

Mutton Head Fry

Mutton Head Fry is more delightful; it has a good flavour with mild sweetness and spice, as predicted. This nutritious beef recipe is suggested by our Chennai catering services. The spicy, fragrant coconut-flavored fry is absolutely delicious. Mutton Head Fry is a unique and distinctive dish made with chopped mutton pieces cooked in a spice-rich Fry.

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a boneless chicken meal that is spicy, tasty, and hot. Our professional chefs utilise chilli powder, turmeric, masala powders, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, eggs, and rice flour to coat bite-size pieces of chicken in spicy masala marination. After that, the chicken is marinated and deep fried until it is cooked through and crispy. Our Chennai catering service offers Chicken 65 plain or with a sauce.

Chicken Pepper Gravy

This peppery and savoury spicy chicken curry is a must-try. The essential importance is the freshly ground pepper, which lends a subtle spiciness to this wonderful aromatic dish. Pepper chicken gravy is one of the simplest and most delicious recipes. Our skilled chef's use of roasted spice powders enhances the curry's flavour and taste. The greatest Chicken Pepper Gravy is provided by our catering services in Chennai

Chettinad Gravy

In India's southern states, Chettinad chicken gravy is a popular chicken meal. This dish has the same taste, flavour, and colour of authentic chettinad chicken. This goes well with ghee rice. Our caterer prepares this curry using a variety of freshly roasted spices and coconut, which is ground into a fine paste before being mixed with the chicken. Our catering services in Chennai provide the best Chettinad gravy.

Butter Chicken Masala

Grilled marinated chicken is served with a rich gravy cooked with tomato, butter, and a special spice blend as a base. Butter chicken is a rich, creamy chicken curry made with tender chicken tikkas. Our Chefs are Experts The addition of cream to the buttery gravy gives the curry sauce a silky smooth rich texture. Our catering services in Chennai provide the best Butter Chicken Masala

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is a popular chicken meal that has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. This recipe will yield soft, juicy, tasty, and scrumptious grilled chicken with explosive spice flavours and a unique smoky fragrance. Our Chennai catering services provide grilled chicken as a specialty.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a delectable smoky chicken meal. Our qualified chef marinated chicken is roasted or grilled in a clay oven or tandoor in the traditional technique. Before being roasted or grilled to perfection, the chicken is marinated in lime juice, yoghurt, and aromatic spices. Our Chennai catering services recommend serving it with green chutney, sliced onions, and lemon slices.

Quail Fry

Non-vegetarian Quail Fry is a tasty and nutritious dish. Quail meat has a low cholesterol content, thus it can be substituted for chicken or other fowl in recipes. With the guidance of our excellent chef, we are preparing a delectable dinner together. Clean quails are marinated in a spicy chilli sauce for a few minutes before being deep fried to a golden brown hue in enough oil. Our Chennai catering services offer the most delicious Quail Fry.

Quail 65

Kaadai 65, often known as Quail 65, is a delicious non-vegetarian dish. The flesh of this quail 65 is soft and tender, with a somewhat crispy exterior. After being delicately marinated in a fragrant spice combination, the quail are deep fried. The quail 65 appetizer/starter or side dish is prepared by our professional chef. Our catering services in Chennai offer the most exquisite Quail 65.

Crab Roast

Crab Roast is a delicious and unique dish cooked by roasting crab with spices and coconut milk. The crab is cooked in fragrant Indian spices with shallots, onions, and tomato. For a real flavour, our skilled chef's additions, coconut oil, and fresh spices are used in the preparation. Crab Roast is one of the most delectable dishes served by our Chennai catering services.

Prawn Fry

In the prawn fry, which is a delectable dish, our specialists cooked the prawns perfectly in a tiny amount of oil. Prawns are a tasty, low-calorie sea treat. The flour-based exterior of this dish has a crisp, crunchy texture, while the spices add flavour. Our catering services in Chennai provide a variety of exquisite delicacies, including Prawn Fry.

Fish Fry

Masala fish, often known as masala fish, is a wonderful and appealing fried fish recipe made using fresh fish from the sea. This is a great starter dish that can be made with boneless fish as well. This Masala fish fry is made with an oil marinade by experienced chefs. The fish is perfectly seasoned and delicious. Our Chennai catering services serve the most delectable Fish Fry.